Sense of Africa is pleased to announce that in August 2018 it acquired African Eagle Namibia to expand into the French-speaking markets. Started in 1996, African Eagle has 22 years of know-how in creating lifetime experiences for its guests.

Nicolas Honore, General Manager of African Eagle, says: “Every tour is created with passion, so we offer every traveller a journey that will let them discover Namibia, its wonders and its beauty, in a way that best suits them and to make every safari an adventure.”

Over the years, African Eagle Namibia has been one of the main players to put Namibia on the map in France by working closely with major French tour operators and wholesalers in promoting the destination at French trade shows. Passion, professionalism and innovation have built the reputation of the brand and the team.

Paul Brinkmann, COO of Sense of Africa, expressed his excitement with the addition of African Eagle to the Tourvest family in Namibia, particularly as African Eagle has a much more hands-on approach to mobile camps and adventure tourism, as well as being an exciting addition to the Sense of Africa touring portfolio.

“We believe we will be able to grow tourism to Namibia not only by utilising the mainstream suppliers we have used in the past, but also by being much more innovative and creative in our tailor-making of tours and utilising the skills available within African Eagle. Both brands should show strong growth by using each other’s strengths, not taking from our local competitors, but growing the demand for the destination.”

This is evident with the Circuit Adventure (a tailor-made camping tour), offering clients professional service and all the comfortable equipment needed to have a safe and amazing adventure. For this experience clients will be accompanied by a guide, a driver and an assistant.

The Mobile Adventure Camp is available as an upgrade to the Circuit Adventure or as an extraordinary add-on experience to a classic coach tour. One night of pure Namibian magic! The mobile camps have exclusive sites in locations such as Sesriem, Spitzkoppe, Damaraland and many more. The camp is set up for one night and includes the tent, camp bed and bedding, towels, dinner under the stars and a selection of beverages.

Although Namibia is the main destination of Sense of Africa, its African footprint extends to offer safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.