Tourvest Destination Management (TDM) has seamlessly integrated Wetu’s itinerary builder functionality into its B2B platform.

This means that customers using the B2B platform can now book or quote complete itineraries and instantly export them into Wetu in order to present it to the traveller/end consumer.

Historically, this often involved duplicating efforts in Wetu to achieve this result. It is now seamless. Wetu offers travel software solutions that service the global tourism industry.

“If they (agent/customer) also hold their own Wetu licence they can add their own branding and further enhance the itinerary. For non-Wetu licence users, the branding is neutral,” Dieter Holle, Chief Information Officer at TDM told Tourism Update.

“We’ve always had our own itinerary builder, but we know a lot of users use Wetu because they sell many destinations and want a consistent experience for their customers. This new integration now makes it a lot easier to take TDM’s itineraries and export them in a language of their choice into Wetu,” said Holle.

Kent Macpherson, Project Manager, Integrations, Wetu, added: “Tourvest’s integration with Wetu provides a powerful solution for travel companies to streamline their Wetu Digital itinerary creation, enhance their customers’ experiences, and drive efficiency through seamless booking integration. This collaborative approach ensures that travellers receive content-rich Wetu digital itineraries that are tailored to their needs and preferences.”