Tourvest Incentives, Meetings and Events, a division of Tourvest Destination Management, has grown its team through the acquisition of EfferVescENTS – a company specialising in events, conferences, incentives, mobile bars, décor and teambuilding.

The EfferVescENTS team is dedicated to the creation and execution of customised and memorable events, mobile bars, conferences and teambuilding. With over 15 years’ experience, it has successfully managed events, conferences, exhibitions, meetings, incentives, mobile bars and teambuilding campaigns on a national scale since 2004. (The fact that they own some of the key equipment is a very important differentiator.)

Yvette Coetzee, Chief Operating Officer at Tourvest Incentives, Meetings and Events, says: “With the current Tourvest Destination Management infrastructure and resources, B-BBEE Level 2 and technology capabilities complemented by the EfferVescENTS IP, product offering and combined staff complement, we are able to scale this business, with the vision of replicating this model in various regions. We look forward to growing the brand and product range in order to provide our clients with the best offering and service, resulting in a 360-degree solution for any event.”

Coetzee adds: “This is an incredible opportunity for the integration of two teams who have had years of experience of supposedly doing the same things, but differently. We look forward to growing the brand and continuing to deliver even more memorable events to our clients.”

She also points out that although EfferVescENTS will continue to operate under its current name ‘EfferVescENTS Events Management’, it will be under the leadership of Martin Wiest, CEO of Tourvest Destination Management, and Yvette Coetzee, COO of Tourvest Incentives, Meetings and Events, with Cherine Grove continuing her active role as the General Manager of EfferVescENTS.