Tourvest DMC: One year strong

The first 100 days at Tourvest DMC were nothing short of a whirlwind, as the recently launched brand’s sales force hit the ground running holding the Tourvest DMC banner high across the globe. Tourvest DMC’s Sales Directors Suzanne Benadie and Simona Battani and their team of Market Managers travelled across 6 continents and 34 cities in an effort to introduce the new name to their source markets.

“My team has travelled to the USA, Europe, India and Asia since our brand launch in September last year. Our clients have joined us in embracing the yellow and have welcomed our consolidation, sharing our sentiments that it’s our people who make the difference at the end of the day. Credit must go to our international representatives, who have worked closely with our marketing team to ensure that campaigns were rolled out in our source markets.” says Suzanne Benadie, Sales Director overseeing the UK, Greater Europe, Japan, South East Asia, India, and North America.

Simona Battani, Sales Director for Southern Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand and Russia adds, “The united brand of Tourvest DMC has been extremely well received in our Italian and Australian markets.”

Tourvest DMC have continued running their race well beyond their first 100 days, as they meet and exceed market specific budget expectations and remain overall on track in meeting their penultimate business goals by the end of this financial year. Despite economic and environmental challenges affecting inbound tourism, they remain positive that the year will end on a high note.

“To date, we are ahead of budget in all our top 5 source markets; USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Australia, however our commitment will always remain the same, and that is to offer our clients and their source markets top quality service standard and quality product. Our strategy as Tourvest DMC has and still is to maintain and expand our market share in key source markets and break ground in some of the least suspecting markets out there” says Martin Botha, COO.

Tourvest DMC is going full speed ahead in some of their emerging markets like Russia, Brazil and Indonesia where business is almost double, against what was expected.

Tourvest DMC stays true to its core values like being stakeholder driven, through its annual learnership programme which creates opportunities for unemployed youth to learn and gain relevant industry skills on the job.

Tourvest DMC facilitates CSI events on a quarterly basis with the children that they have essentially “adopted” as their own under their CSI arm, Angels Over Africa.

Tourvest DMC has raised R30 584.00 within their first 100 days, with their Green Seat initiative which allows clients to contribute towards planting a tree or support the fight against rhino poaching and become an Honorary Ranger.

With all the success that it has experienced in such a short amount of time, what does the future hold for Tourvest DMC?

“We will continue doing what works and come up with innovative ways to overcome some our challenges as a business. This is definitely only the beginning for us.” Says Martin Botha, COO.