Tourvest Destination Management Signs Blood Lions Pledge Against Canned Hunting


Tourvest Destination Management has signed a pledge to uphold the values of responsible tourism, and therefore do not condone predator breeding, canned hunting, or any such practices. Tourvest Destination Management does not condone hunting and therefore cannot be an onward facilitator for this activity. Whilst predator breeding and canned hunting practices are currently confined to southern Africa, we stand together as a pan-African industry in joining our voices with the global call for having them stopped. And we do so for good reason:

  • The established predator research and scientific community do not recognize any of the breeders or operating facilities as having conservation merit.
  • In marketing themselves as breeding facilities, these entities confuse the conservation messages and priorities, specifically with lions, which in turn results in a misdirection of vital funding that negatively impacts wild lion populations.
  • There is sufficient evidence to show that their activities put additional pressure on wild lion populations: intensive breeders have illegally acquired new genetic stock from the wild, and the burgeoning lion bone trade remains a risk because of an illegal demand for bones from wild lions.


We are deeply concerned about the welfare conditions of the animals kept in these facilities.

Canned hunting does not reduce the hunting pressure on wild lions and is unethical. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to the following:

  1. To not knowingly book or otherwise support any breeder or operator that contributes to the cycle of breeding, exploitation and senseless killing of predators. This includes all petting and ‘walking with lion’ facilities.
  2. To continue our support and promotion of the formal conservation community in their endeavours to secure the survival of Africa’s predators in the wild. Without wild lions and the rest of the predator guild extant in functioning ecosystems, there will be no African tourism industry; a calamitous situation for many economies.
  3. To continue in our own endeavours towards wildlife conservation and economic development wherever we operate across Africa.
  4. To continue supporting an ethical and responsible interaction with Africa’s wilderness and wild animals.
  5. To continue promoting Africa as an authentic, wild and rewarding tourism destination.


In case of any queries regarding our pledge and support of Blood Lions, please contact Blood Lions on