Tourvest consolidates brands, launches Tourvest DMC

Merging four of Tourvest’s inbound brands will improve the company’s business and directly benefit suppliers and clients, says Tourvest Destination Management CEO, Martin Wiest.

Tourvest Destination Management has merged Welcome Tourism Services, Your Africa, SST and Focus Tours to form Tourvest DMC.

The merger serves to consolidate the four independent brands and their many moving parts into one entity, simplifying both relationships and operating procedures into one synergistic business.

“The Tourvest Destination Management inbound business pillars, Welcome Tourism Services; Your Africa; SST; and Focus Tours have, over the years, developed distinctive core strengths, learnings, cultural variations and knowledge. Combined, they give us an eclectic mix of unbeatable strengths,” says Tourvest Destination Management CEO, Martin Wiest.

“While this will undoubtedly make us a better business, more importantly, it will directly benefit our suppliers and clients in the classical synergistic fashion.”

The Sales & Marketing Directors across the brands, Suzanne Benadie and Simona Battani, share the view: “We have continually evolved to support the growing demands of our international client base. We recognise the need to constantly adapt to our dynamic travel trade industry and make every effort to understand changes in our clients’ needs. We will continue to ensure that expectations are met at every touchpoint, in both a technological and human-to-human capacity.” The new consolidated brand will commence operation on September 1.

Martin Botha, Chief Operating Officer of the Tourvest South Africa Inbound division commented: “We understand the value of relationships and, wherever possible, we will preserve the status quo. In this fast-changing world of travel distribution, we have to adapt to better serve our clients.” Specifics in terms of company structure (including key executives, account managers, administrative and support teams) will be communicated to partners in due course, well in advance of the official changeover.