Tourvest Verified is a new health, hygiene and safety management service that has been launched by Tourvest Destination Management.

A dedicated team of qualified Tourvest Verified officers, led by accredited Operational Health and Safety practitioners, will handle the implementation and accreditation of health and safety protocols.

The service also offers a platform for self-assessment audits aligned with standards set by several industry bodies, including the Tourism Business Council of South Africa and the Federation of Tour Operators, among others.

Some of the measurables the assessment is based on are verifying hygiene protocols, emergency plans, safety management, and equipment certification.

“Our purpose is to instil trust and peace of mind when it comes to health, hygiene and safety, by adding measurable value to our customers through cost saving, convenience, transparency, risk mitigation and reputable value,” said Health, Hygiene and Safety Practitioner at Tourvest Verified, Alisha Kirk.

The service includes supplier compliance, event services, and emergency response services for customers when their groups and travellers are touring.

“The service is exclusive to our international wholesale clients and Tourvest Travel Services,” said CEO of Tourvest Destination Management, Martin Wiest.