The quiz will be open from Thursday 13 June (9am)  until  Friday 14 June  (4pm). The first 2 people to answer first and most correct answers will win a prize (tBucks), and the winner will be announced on Monday, 19 June.

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1. How many weeks in advance can you book your trip?*
2. What document do you have to submit 2 weeks after your trip?
3. What is the first step when making a tBucks booking?
4. What do you need to present to the supplier when checking-in
5. How many rooms and nights can you book?
6. What are the two categories of suppliers that earn you tBucks when booking?
7. What is the rule on cancelling already confirmed bookings?
8. What is the rule when it comes to car and fuel claims?
9. What should be provided when claiming for fuel?