Sense of Africa’s stunning new collateral is testament to the renewed journey that it has embarked on in recent months. Sense of Africa is a Destination Management Company that prides itself on its customer offerings of curated service options, and human-to-human and business-to-business capabilities.

Sense of Africa lives its in-country philosophy of its African Footprint, with its ‘boots on the ground’. It is so much more than simply being present in a destination – and they achieve this via who they are, and what they do. Sense of Africa is found in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and has additional destinations of expertise in the Footprint.

Responsible and sustainable tourism is at the heart of Sense of Africa’s values as a brand. Sense of Africa has aligned itself to a supply chain that includes accommodation, transport, excursions and activities that are as committed to People, Planet and Wildlife as it is. Through its Green Seat, many of its customers make valuable contributions to these causes for clients and guests.

Sense of Africa’s people remain some of tourism’s most influential and capable leaders, mentors and employees. At a grassroots level, Sense of Africa is an industry leader for learnerships and internships, nurturing talent and positioning skills where they will be most effective to its customers.

Whilst one often meets representatives from Sense of Africa’s sales team at trade shows and events, the coalface reaches into negotiating, business development, contracting, procurement, including operations consultants as well as travel specialists. With their unique source market knowledge and destination expertise, customers feel confident in Sense of Africa’s people to provide curated honeymoons, multi-generational family getaways, small luxury group travel, and experiential adventures.

Sense of Africa’s product ownership spans the continent with a variety of scheduled tour itineraries, operated by its in-country fleets of vehicles built for the local terrain. It enhances these tours with its permanent guides who have intimate knowledge of wildlife, history, culture and current affairs that are typical to Africa. Sense of Africa’s Guide Academy has responsibly recruited a vibrant young generation of guides to host visitors across Africa.

Sense of Africa offers multiple convenient and easy-to-use service methods for demanding destination management requirements. Customers may gain access to comprehensive B2B web platforms with up-to-date product info, availability data, dynamic rates and a seamless online itinerary builder. Experienced travel specialists are available for professional guidance in itinerary planning and reservations where required.

For operators also seeking electronic reservation methods, our TDM Virtual MarketPlace offers Bed Bank-like capabilities and connectivity options through major travel gateways like ANIXE and TravelgateX. An API integration to our Virtual MarketPlace provides dynamic pricing, real-time availability and booking of accommodation services.