Sense of Africa, a division of Tourvest Destination Management, is one of the leading destination management companies in Africa, who owns and operates a comprehensive fleet of vehicles across East Africa, Namibia and South Africa. Each region works with fully equipped workshops enabling them to service their fleet and thereby staying true to their promise of offering the highest standard of touring vehicles to their guests.

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed greater emphasis on hygiene standards and Sense of Africa can assure all clients that they are offering the very best. With regular sanitisation of the vehicles as well as face coverings for the guides, the goal is not to compromise on experience but put safety at the forefront of the offering.

Sense of Africa, South Africa owns a fleet of Toyota Quantums. All vehicles come with air-conditioning, sliding windows and audio/microphone systems. In addition, vehicles are equipped with sanitizer units and charging points (on new vehicles only). They also have access to all other vehicle types for other types of bookings.

Sense of Africa, East Africa has a fleet of comfortable, customised 4WD safari vehicles, city/coastal air-conditioned transfer minivans and a coaster bus. The safari vehicles come standard with spacious legroom, large sliding windows, and two pop-up roof hatches that have padded bottoms, allowing for better game viewing. All safari vehicles have 7 seats, allowing each guest to enjoy social distancing and a window seat.

Sense of Africa, Namibia owns a wide ranging fleet of vehicles consisting of Toyota Etios, custom-built 4×4 Land Cruiser safari vehicles, Isuzu Overlanders and larger 22 to 44-seater coaches. All vehicles are not only custom built to suit the Namibian road conditions, which adds to the durability and reliability of their fleet, but also for the comfort of their guests while on safari. The vehicles are also fitted with air-conditioning, sliding windows or pop-up roof for photography and viewing, as well as audio/microphone systems. In addition vehicles are equipped with sanitizer units, charging points (on new vehicles only).

Vehicles in all regions feature:

  • First aid kits
  • COVID-19 Compliance Kits
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Two-way radio communication (excluding SA)
  • Fleet Management system that incorporates 24h satellite tracking and real-time monitoring
  • Fridges serviced as per manufacturer’s specifications with records kept on digital job cards.
  • 24/7 back-up service on all guided tours

Sense of Africa is committed to providing guests with life changing holiday experiences and by providing peace of mind and the best quality touring vehicles, this will go a long way to deliver their promise.