Sense of Africa has launched Discover Uganda 2018, a scheduled seat-invehicle safari that will traverse some of the most famous regions of the country.

The tour kicks off at Entebbe and continues to the Murchison Falls National Park, the country’s largest and oldest conservation area and home to 76 species of mammals and 451 species of birds. Kibale National Park is also featured, where clients can spot woodland birds including the Prigogine
ground thrush endemic to Uganda. The park has one of the greatest primate densities in the world, with 13 species including the Red colobus,
chimpanzee and L’Hoest’s monkeys, along with 70 mammal species.

This is followed by a visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is set against the backdrop of the Rwenzori Mountains.

The tour also includes a gorilla tracking experience in Bwindi National Park, which is home to half of the 600 gorillas that remain in the world. The park also offers some of the best montane-forest bird watching in Africa with about 350 different recorded species. Guests also have the chance to track chimpanzees and enjoy a boat trip along the Victoria Nile with views of the Murchison Falls.

The tour departs every month during the high season and bi-monthly during the low season.