Here at Sense of Africa Botswana, our small but mighty team work hard, and they work from the heart. They are passionate about our industry, the place they love and call home, and they want our customers’ clients to experience it too! 

Mojadi (Sales Team Leader) – Naturally humans are wired for connections and travelling is a key player in keeping those connections intact. As travel ‘roars’ back to life, let’s be ready to re-enhance, re-vitalise and re-connect once again.

After two years of COVID-19 challenges, our team is keen to re-connect with our customers again, to put a face to the emails and a body to the ZOOM calls! We are your boots on the ground, your very own in-country eyes and ears, but now it’s time we share those senses with you too!

Maxine (Product Manager) – One of our major passions is sharing the magic of our region as well as the camps and lodges that enhance its natural beauty. After so much time at home, it’s incredibly rewarding to be welcoming back customers that share this passion. We’ve been reconnecting with our established suppliers, forming relationships with exciting new ones and discovering the beauty of our properties all over again. 

Sense Of Africa Botswana specialises in tailormade itineraries covering a range of budget requirements not only to Botswana, but to neighbouring Zimbabwe and Zambia too. From adventurous self-drive camping holidays all the way up to luxury fly-in lodge safaris, our team are experienced, knowledgeable and eager to assist in providing that unforgettable African experience!

Charity (Sales & Marketing Executive) – Through all adversity, we continue to triumph and conquer with the spirit of team work. It goes without saying that the past two years have been extremely challenging for our industry, but to be part of a team that always remains hopeful regardless of any situation is simply amazing. It is truly exciting to see more and more tourists flow back to our beautiful country and we remain positive that this is just the beginning of happier times to come.

We work very closely with our colleagues, providing a unique African Footprint covering East Africa, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as our beach destinations Mozambique and Madagascar. Being based on the ground, we offer first-hand expertise to all our beautiful destinations. 

Nicola Weyl (Managing Director) – The last two years, if nothing else, have taught us that we as a team and a brand are survivors. It has sparked a fire in our bellies, created a protective ‘mother and cub’ approach to our industry and enabled us to find silver linings amidst a world of uncertainty. Freedom of a normal routine and social connections are some of the most missed attributes we previously took for granted, and we are eager to experience those once more with you all.