Tourvest DMC has successfully penetrated many markets globally maintaining a footprint on every continent except for Antarctica. This has been credited to our ability to understand the individual and intimate needs across the differing markets and skilfully cater to the respective segment needs. “When we say “we speak your language” we don’t just mean it in the literal sense, but also in the sense that we have an understanding of the intricacies of our major source markets across the globe.” says Martin Botha, Chief Operating Officer at Tourvest DMC.

Our scheduled Italian, German and English tour departures showcase exactly what our clients want to see in South Africa such as Cape Town, Garden Route and Kruger. Simona Battani, Sales Director for Southern Europe, Australia & South America says “The Italian market is growing and has become Tourvest DMC’s biggest market in Europe. We have thousands of Italians coming to South Africa annually and in August alone we have 23 confirmed scheduled departures for our Best of South Africa tour.”

Her colleague Suzanne Benadie, Sales Director for North America, Greater Europe and Asia adds, “Tourvest DMC is able to meet the differing needs of all our major markets. Our size allows us to specialise in a multitude of areas. We offer a variety of product due to our consolidated buying power and personalised services such as white labelling for our bigger clients.”

Germany is Tourvest DMC’s oldest and most established market. Because of the historical relationship with the German-speaking countries; the company has been seeing a lot of repeat visitors.

Tourvest DMC has been operating in the UK for over 20 years. Repeat visitors from this part of the world are more experienced and tend to seek out the historical Battlefields and beach holidays in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

“North America is currently our largest source. We’ve seen a lot of growth in both the FIT and Group travel segments ranging from low-middle as well as high-end travellers.” says Kingsby Senoamali, Market Manager for North America and Africa.

As a destination management company, we understand that each of the markets we operate in have different demands and different levels of destination experience. We make it easy to work with us despite these variances through understanding client specific requirements and
streamlining processes.