Touvest DMC is the new brand formed by the merger of Welcome Tourism Services, Your Africa, Focus Tours and SST. Although we are trading under a new name, our business is very experienced in the leisure inbound travel industry, having been around for over three decades.

Tourvest DMC has a rich history that has evolved since the days of Wilson Collins Travel in 1901 and through our strategy of adapting to the industry changes, we have survived through the times having experienced many successful acquisitions along the way which have helped us to grow into the major tour operator we are now. Despite the changes, we remain relevant in our core source markets and continue to penetrate various potential markets globally.

Chief Operating Officer at Tourvest DMC, Martin Botha, states that “We continually evolve to adapt to the changing demands in the industry. One thing which remains unchanged is that we continue to give our clients what they need. Our fundamental function and focus has always been service excellence.”

As a destination management company, Tourvest DMC stays ahead of the game by capitalising on and specialising in core source markets: Germany, UK, Switzerland, Benelux, Australia, USA, Japan, India, Spain, and Italy.

“In as much as we have grown in size, we have maintained our personalised service offering by creating pockets of excellence throughout the business in order to specialise on a larger scale.”, says Suzanne Benadie, Sales Director for North America, Greater Europe and Asia.

Having mastered human to human service, Tourvest DMC has equally embraced technology. “Through the innovation of our B2B System in 2006, we are now accessible globally 24/7, making us a highly competitive partner in travel, by exclusively offering our clients live availability and rates any time of the day.”, says Simona Battani, Sales Director for Southern Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South America.

Tourvest DMC’s strategy includes improving and streamlining operations in order to eliminate duplication and fully utilise the power of combined synergies. Exciting changes lie ahead for the brand and from Tourvest DMC you can expect bigger and better things to come.