The tourism industry is constantly evolving and re-inventing itself. Every global event has an impact on how tourists travel and want to explore the world. In saying this, tourists are becoming more and more experiential in their travel choices.

The industry is on the one hand driven by technological advancements, and on the other by changing consumer preferences and their demand for unique and personalised experiences.

The consumer has numerous platforms available to find dynamic product that is easy to book and offers competitive pricing, often this product is booked outside the traditional distribution channel.

“As GoVacation Africa we understand the need of consumers for authentic, tailor-made and personalised experiences. Over the years we have built up high-level resources and expertise to service this in-depth knowledge requirement.  In addition, we have a strong network of stakeholders who provide for this wide range of travel requirements,” says Sabine Blehle, CEO of GoVacation Africa.

“Our African Footprint, with offices in South Africa, Namibia, Madagascar, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, and Uganda, allows for multi-country itineraries. We have identified various travel experiences that allow us to cater for the unique demands of individual travellers.”

BLACK@ caters for the luxury ‘bespoke’ traveller who seeks self-actualisation versus esteem. This is a division of GoVacation Africa that is aimed at travellers looking for an authentic African experience. We guide travellers on a unique journey across Africa from arrival to departure.

SCUBA@ caters for the more adventurous traveller that seeks the magic our African coastline has to offer. Our tailored scuba experiences are creatively crafted and can be combined with self-drive or scheduled tours exploring our continent in unique ways.

GOLF@ South Africa has world-famous and top-rated golf courses and attracts many golfing enthusiasts to fulfil their needs of physical and mental exercise, relaxation, cultural immersion, and networking opportunities. Golf trips need to be carefully curated considering various factors to ensure a memorable trip.

FAMILY@ Travelling as a family has been on the raise as it promotes strong bonds between family members and has an impact on the well-being of individuals. Shared experiences create lifelong memories. Family holidays require careful planning for different age groups.

The range of special-interest travel expands further and it continues to be our aim to provide solutions to these niche interests of travellers to ensure further growth of the industry.