GoVacation Africa, a division of Tourvest Destination Management and DER Touristik, announced the strategic integration of their values to strengthen the joint venture since its launch in 2017. This initiative will combine the brand values and objectives to build a common mission and vision statement in order to bring greater cohesion across the business.

Sabine Blehle, CEO of GoVacation Africa says: “To align company cultures and values on a global scale, Tourvest Destination Management and DER Touristik have merged in shared principles. These values define how the two companies behave as employees, managers and in teams. Our values define our character. We make ‘it’ happen by taking personal responsibility for our work, looking for the best solutions, making informed decisions and delivering to the highest possible standards. Our customer is at the centre of everything we do.”

GoVacation Africa aims to be the most successful brand in each segment in which it operates, and have set about achieving this by creating key measurables to bring these values to life within their teams.

“In our pursuit to deliver service excellence, our intention is to create a foundation for a well-orchestrated organisation,” says Christelle Ueckermann, Team Manager at GoVacation Africa.

To consistently achieve a philosophy of ‘guest delight’, GoVacation Africa has launched an internal campaign to unleash ‘Drive’ and ‘Passion’ within their teams, through practical and interactive sessions.

“Passion is the value that speaks to me the most, because when one does what they love they will never work another day in their life,” says Megan Phelan, Team Manager for Dertour Stand Alone and Contracting Manager at GoVacation Africa.