With the rapid changes in technology sweeping the travel trade industry, competition has widened onto the online space. Online tour operators have disrupted our traditional ways of selling the destination, however, there are still many tour operators standing and growing in revenue year-on-year despite still being perceived as traditional tour operators. We believe that Tourvest DMC will remain relevant for these reasons:

Consolidated Convenience
We can all acknowledge the convenience of going online to book a holiday which has been brought on by online tour operators, however traditional operators like ours offer consolidated convenience. The difference being that our business can offer travel services from start to finish, from “Hello” to “Goodbye” and all the personalised touches in between in one go.

Financial Security
Financial security forms an important part of reputation in our industry where there have been some scary stories about fly by night operators that have scammed travellers out of their holidays. Tourvest DMC has been around for over 30 years. Part of the reason why our clients remain loyal to us is that they know they are working with someone they can trust and invest in long-term as we have the ability to absorb financial risk.

Buying Power
In line with financial security; the size and proven stability of our business has strengthened our negotiating and buying power over the decades. Because of our longstanding relationships with our suppliers, a trust has been built which allows us to negotiate on behalf of our clients when necessary. Our buying power also extends to our guaranteed pre-purchased accommodation at some of the more popular properties in order to guarantee that our clients get the first choice when it comes to availability.

Human Touch
From the time the client sends us a quote, to the time we drop off the guests at the airport and bid farewell, Tourvest DMC is there at every touchpoint of the journey. On the ground support can often make or break a holiday. We have dealt with a countless number of bookings where our 24-hour helpline has made all the difference to a guest finding themselves in a predicament. Whether or not we booked the particular service for the guest
we remain supportive. By being an extension of our clients, guests can find comfort in knowing that they have someone on the ground they can call on.